White Supremacist Frog Not Welcome At GenCon


We are living in dark times... perhaps even the darkest timeline.

The world's largest gaming convention has made a bold, hardline policy that is both stunning and brave!

The frog model, Ka'asssk is believed to be a white nationalist, white supremacist, and leader of the White Frogs Are Best alt-right organization that discriminates against frogs who identify as other skin colors.

Ka'asssk quickly rose to fame when he modeled for some kind of fishing roleplaying game... but now that I write it down, that doesn't make any fucking sense.  So, let's move on.

GenCon has the most woke, SJW, namby-pamby, snowflake, victimhood chasing, grievance lapping, activists of any convention attendance in the world.  Obviously, they're not going to champion free speech, freedom of expression, freedom of association, anything humorous (including satire and parody), meritocracy, independence, self-reliance, America, compromise, moderation, business sense, economics, chainmail bikinis, actual justice, or really anything of value.

As the popular saying goes, if a frog can be racist, then it must be racist.  

"Ka'asssk, no GenCon for you!" a GenCon administrator said, cowering behind a rainbow flag.

Another high-ranking member of the GenCon staff was overheard saying, "I can't tell you exactly why frogs are racist, but they definitely are - and that little frog is super-duper racist.  He's like the Hitler of racist frogs.  Get him out of our convention space - we need more room for Magic: The Gathering!"

As Ka'asssk was escorted out of the convention hall, he was rumored to have said, "Ribbit, ribbit... election integrity laws are a good idea.  Ribbit."

Dark days ahead, indeed, for the roleplaying game community, hobby, and industry.


Hans Manchin

Associate Editor for Your Dungeon Is Racist



God d*** you! God d*** you to hell! You heartless piece of s***! You do not in any way mention the gay frogs and I am insulted for them! Just marginalized them even more like the sorry heartless sack of human s*** that you are! First of all I went and bought that game thinking it was about fisting not fishing also involving frogs and I'm so disappointed that you spelled it right but that you made it where I couldn't read because I was so angry! Hope you're happy that you've tripping me and I have to go to my safe space with some crayons and some Play-Doh!
Anonymous said…
The revolution seeks to replace the world that was before it. But first must destroy all that came before it lest there be any examples to compare to the new degraded world it wishes to replace it with.

Ad Astra

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